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Demonstration of the operation Milliohmmeter MIKO-7 with basic software

11 july 2017

Connect the instrument or to the electric network (220 W) or to a battery (12 W).

Simultaneous power supply from the network and the battery is not recommended.

Connect the red clamp of the cable to a plus battery terminal, the black one connect to minus battery terminal

The instrument identifies the power source

To start measurements, press «Start/Stop»

Determination of current in the winding

Measurement is in progress

Replacement of three arrows ↓↓↓ by two ↓↓, then by one ↓ means continuous resistance reduction. Hence, the process of resistance identification is normal.

If arrows are replaced by a rhomb ♦, the measurement can be stopped by pressing «Stop»

The measurement is over. The readings are shown.

For repeated measurement press «Start/Stop»

To go back, press «Cancel»

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