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New adapters for high-voltage circuit breakers Schneider Electric Evolis and Susol VL-06

30 june 2019

SKB EP specialists constantly update already manufactured instruments for the needs and requests of our clients.

Recently we have developed a number of special adapters for the PKV group instruments to mount DP21 sensor on Schneider Electric Evolis and Susol VL-06 high-voltage circuit breakers. This sensor enables to measure time and travel characteristics of the high-voltage circuit breaker main contacts.

You can assess the state of the circuit breaker not only with the help of numerical values, but also with the help of graphs. Combination of all the indicators ensures a complete analysis of the high-voltage circuit breaker state.

A first test campaign has been successful, and the results were even better than expected. Thus, the application area of the PKV group circuit breaker analyzers has become even wider.

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