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SKB EP microohmmeters have been successfully used in Indonesia

27 june 2019

Less than a month ago SKB EP microohmmeters were delivered to Indonesia, and we have already managed to get feedback on their use.

Indonesian SKB EP partner from Indonesia has recently delivered several MIKO-21 microohmmeters to the branches of the state electric power corporation, that produces most of the country's electricity, and also has a monopoly on the electricity distribution in Indonesia.

Power company experts were amazed by the portability of the instrument, its user-friendly interface, and the presence of specialized functions:

  • AUTO start of the measurement process against the circuit close;
  • In-built archive of the measurement results;
  • The ability to create the object’s passport;
  • AUTO comparison of measured values with the passport ones.

Check our YouTube channel to find more videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/SKBPRIBOR

Many thanks to our Indonesian partner! We hope for successful further cooperation.

We remind that you can find the testimonials to all our instruments via the link: https://skbpribor.com/comment.

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