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SKB EP in Ecuador!

31 may 2019

Geographical expansion is one of the key points of the company's growth. Last week our Ecuador partner received MIKO-9A instruments for the subsequent realization in the state energy company.

Ecuador specialists mentioned the small size of the instruments. They tols us that it seems to be quite easy to take the milliohmmeter around the facility. Furthermore, users were impressed by the MIKO-9A ability of simultaneous connection to three phases of the transformer. The instrument independently performs phase switching, without the need of manual control. This feature allows to reduce the total time of measurements by 3 times.

We also need to point out the special mode Heat Run Test, that is implemented into the milliohmmeter.

We are grateful to our Ecuador partner! Hope for further cooperation.

We remind that you can find the testimonials to all our instruments via the link: https://skbpribor.com/comment.

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