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SKB EP instruments test results

25 march 2019

One of the March weeks was marked for SKB EP specialists by a large number of presentations, seminars, tests and practical trainings. For 5 days our instruments were represented in 3 Russian cities at 7 enterprises with various equipment: high-voltage circuit breakers, power transformers, and voltage transformers.

Test results of SKB EP instruments MIKO-2.3, PKV/M7, MIKO-9(A), MIKO-21, MIKO-10 and PKV/U3.0 demonstrated once again wide functionality, high precision, and competitive features of the instruments that can be used approximately in any application area.

In order to assess the state of high-voltage circuit breaker, several tests were carried out with PKV/M7 and PKV/M6N instruments. Time and travel characteristics were measured on VMG-10 circuit breaker with PKV/M7 instrument (see Fig. 1 and Fig. 2). Conducting of these tests showed that the circuit breaker is fully consistent with its passport data.

Microohmmeter MIKO-21 was compared to one of the foreign analogues. This comparison revealed significant advantage in accuracy, as well as the advantage in speed of the measurement process by 3 times on the high-voltage VMG-10 circuit breaker. MIKO-21 is the most accurate microohmmeter of this class, as the accuracy equals 0.05%. The microohmmeter enables contact resistance measurement of circuit breaker main contacts, DC winding resistance measurement of, and much more. In addition, MIKO-21 is smaller in weight and size parameters than its analogues, and has ability to work both from the network and from the built-in battery.

Training participants were impressed by the presence of DRM-test in MIKO-9(A) milliohmmeter. This feature makes it possible not only to check the state of OLTCs, but allows to do it indiscriminately. Other functions of MIKO-9(A) milliohmmeter were tested on TMZ-10000-10-75 U3 and TMN-4000/35-73 U1 power transformers. Power grid specialists carried out measurements in the mode of simultaneous three phases check. This benefit greatly simplifies the working process and reduces the total measurement time.

MIKO-10 microohmmeter once again won the unconditional interest of the audience. Its dimensions do not exceed 165 x 100 x 60 mm, and the test current is equal to 10 A. Small dimensions of the instrument allow to carry out the measurements in cramped conditions or at a height, because both hands of the specialist remain completely free due to several methods of instrument fixation. Combination of these features leads MIKO-10 to the leading positions among microohmmeters of this class.

There is an ability to study SKB EP instruments alive. Our technical specialists usually carry out tests and training programs on different high-voltage objects.

If you are interested in SKB EP practical trainings, you can contact us by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail: skb@skbpribor.com. Moreover, you can leave a request on the company's website. Our specialists would be glad to help you to choose a program appropriate for your purposes and requirements.

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