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The best way to select appropriate instrument
Today the selection of a cost-effective instrument for power monitoring and diagnostics presents a topical issue for many organizations involved in installation, monitoring, diagnostics and repair of power utilities equipment. SKB EP offers you to make an optimum selection of equipment by taking the following steps:
Choose the field of application for control and measuring instruments
Choose the type of electric equipment required for monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance and repair
Choose the type of measurement to be performed
Recommended instruments:


  • MIKO-10 microohmmeter got the CE/EU certificate
    29 july 2019

    MIKO-10 microohmmeter has been issued the conformity certificate that approves its compliance with the safety requirements of the EU Directives.

  • Lenenergo, PSJC employees studied SKB EP instruments
    18 july 2019

    Employees of Lenenergo, PSJC attended an especial training on the use of SKB EP instruments. The training was held at the territory of Lenenergo, PJSC training center in Saint Petersburg, Russia in the middle of July.

  • Milliohmmeters CE/EU certification
    12 july 2019

    Certificate has been issued on the basis of the test results that approved MIKO-7M(A), MIKO-8M(A) and MIKO-9(A) compliance with the safety requirements of the EU Directives.

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