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The best way to select appropriate instrument
Today the selection of a cost-effective instrument for power monitoring and diagnostics presents a topical issue for many organizations involved in installation, monitoring, diagnostics and repair of power utilities equipment. SKB EP offers you to make an optimum selection of equipment by taking the following steps:
Choose the field of application for control and measuring instruments
Choose the type of electric equipment required for monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance and repair
Choose the type of measurement to be performed
Recommended instruments:


  • SKB EP patented the Manipulating Rod
    18 september 2019

    The Manipulating Rod is now officially patented by SKB EP, LLC according to the decision of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

  • More than 1 000 SKB EP instruments certified!
    29 august 2019

    SKB EP calibration laboratory has certified more than 1 000 instruments in just two years!

  • Practical trainings in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia
    15 august 2019

    In the beginning of August, 2019 SKB EP specialists visited the Republic of Buryatia, Russia to carry out several tests on high-voltage equipment. To carry out these measurements our specialists used MIKO-9(A) milliohmmeter, MIKO-21 and MIKO-10 microohmmeters, PKR-2M OLTC analyzer and PKV/M7 HV circuit breaker analyzer.

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